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Wild Cherry - Muskoka

Colour Woodcut. A wild cherry tree on bank by water; small island in distance

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Totems - Alert Bay

Woman and child on road by totem poles

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Moon and Mist

Men in York Boat approaching shore in moonlight

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Marchand des quatre-saisons

Colour Lithograph. Street market scene; man pushing small vegetable cart at b.l. foreground; striped awnings, horses in background; dog at b.r.

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Abstract composition

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Man in wide-sleeved garment playing horn

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Two Seated Figures

Colour Lithograph. Two seated figures holding hands

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Sunlit Birches

Colour Woodcut. Sunlight on birch trees, rocks, water

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The Peasants Home

Colour Woodcut. Peasant woman approaching thatched-roof cottage

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Jack Pine

Colour Woodcut. Pine tree in foreground, sunset over island and water

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Approaching Storm

Colour Woodcut. Decayed tree trunks, rocks, bushes

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Colour Woodcut. Small island of rock and trees in centre of image, other islands in distance

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Colour Woodcut. Foreground: tree and rock overlooking water and treed island in distance

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Looking through the Pine

Colour Woodcut. Foreground of pine tree and branches; beyond - water and houseboat

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Ghosts of the Lakes

Colour Woodcut. Foreground of rocks and decayed poplar tree trunks overlooking water and scattered islands

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After Dusk

Colour Woodcut. Rocks in foreground, water, island with trees

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Moore Bay

Colour Woodcut. Foreground of tree stumps and shrubs overlooking water and island

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The Winter - Camp

Colour Woodcut. Log cabin in wooded clearing

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Blindfold Hills

Colour Woodcut. Birch tree trunks, rock, water, rolling hills

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Les Trois Tantes Dites: Les Trois Graces

3 women (1 nude) standing by vintage car

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Anglesey Beach

Colour Lithograph. 2 white forms at t.c. and b.c.; one small circular red form at b.l. and small semi-circular blue form at c.- all against black and brown background. (The introductory panel for the portfolio is stored in Box BR-27)

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Italian Girl

Nude, young girl; back arched as if leaning over backwards; left arm hanging below head. (The introductory panel for the portfolio is stored in Box BR-27)

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Black on Red Image

Colour Lithograph. Abstract image of black rectangular shape over red. (The introductory panel for the portfolio is stored in Box BR-27)

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Colour Lithograph. Abstract composition in yellow-brown and red tones; inverted U-shaped space at b.c. with red 'swirl' contained within; vertical red 'bar' at r.; 2 vertical ochre 'bars' at left; 4 horizontal cream 'bars' from t.c. to c. (The introductory panel for the portfolio is stored in Box BR-27).

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Face of deeply wrinkled, bearded man

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