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Man’s Head

Right profile of an abstracted man’s head in black, red, and blue.

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Sprechender (Speaker)

Three-quarters view of the upper torso and head of a man with his right arm bent upwards and his hand open at face level with his palm toward his face.

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Nude Half Figure In Front of Mirror

Three-quarters view of the upper torso of a nude woman who is looking toward the viewer. The background shows a mirror with the reflection of the nude woman.

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Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait)

Self-portrait of upper torso in profile with head in three-quarters view facing the viewer. Kaus’ hands are crossed in front of him with the palms facing his chest.

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Hafeneinfahrt in Ostende (Harbour Entrance in Ostende)

View of the harbour entrance from the harbour. Two piers extend into the distance, almost touching the horizon. On the left there are two multi-story buildings and on the right there is a small building and hills.

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Kinder auf der Bank (Children on a Bench)

Two children sitting on a bench. One child is slouching and the other is sitting upright with his hands in his lap.

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Bärtiger Mann (Bearded Man)

Three-quarters view of the head of a bearded man looking into the distance.

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Männliches Bildnis (Portrait of a Man)

A three-quarter view of a man’s head surrounded by geometric objects, and a crouching man wearing a bow tie in the background.

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Landscape of Tubingen, Germany showing a row of houses and trees along the Neckar River. The buildings and trees are reflecting off of the tranquil river.

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Beim Vorlesen (Reading Aloud)

View of a man and woman sitting at a small round table with a mug on it.

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View of the Sea

Landscape showing the sea from the top of a cliff with trees.

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Mannerkopf (Man’s Head)

Frontal view of a man’s head.

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Haus mit Pappeln (House with Poplar Trees)

View of a house which is partially covered by trees on the far side of a road.

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Bildnis R.S. (Rosa Schapire) (Portrait of R.S. (Rosa Schapire))

Portrait of the head of art historian and collector, Rosa Schapire.

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Russischer Wald (Russian Forest)

Landscape showing an abstract and very geometric forest in Russia.

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Bäuerin mit Kuh (Peasant Woman with Cow)

View of an elderly peasant woman wearing a cloak standing next to a grazing cow. In the background several buildings are visible.

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Mädchen bei Kerze (Girl by Candle)

Three-quarters view of a girl writing by candlelight.

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Kartenspieler (Card Players)

Four men are sitting at a table playing cards, two have their backs to the viewer and the other two are facing the viewer. A fifth man is standing behind the two men at the far side of the table observing their game.

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Hafenstrasse (Harbour Street)

An abstracted and multi-perspective view of two male figures walking down a building-lined street.

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Spanisher Tanzer und Tanzerin

An abstracted view of a man and woman Flamenco dancing. Both are wearing traditional Flamenco costumes. Below the image of the dancers there is a small strip showing a drawing of a torero fighting with a bull.

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Suzanna and the Elders

A view of the Old Testament story of Susanna and the Elders. Susanna, a Jewish wife is nude and bathing by some trees in her gardens and two elders are spying on her from behind the trees. Below the image of Susanna there is another small drawing depicting the mythological story of Leda and the Swan, in which Leda is raped or seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan and later bears his children.

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Stefansplatz in Wien (St. Stephen’s Square in Vienna)

A view of the square in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria on a cloudy day. Several people are walking in the square.

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Hallein, Enge Gasse (Hallein, Narrow Street)

Abstracted view down a narrow alley in Hallein, Austria.

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Baumgruppe in Pressbaum (Grove of Trees in Pressbaum)

A landscape of a grove of bare trees with a path at the right side of the image.

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Menschen im Wald (Paar im Wald) (People in the Woods (Couple in the Woods))

View of an abstracted couple in a forest. The man is wearing a blue shirt and has his arm around the woman who is nude.

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