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Arbeiterpaar (Working Class Couple)

A haggard woman is standing next to a seated man with her left hand on the back of his chair. The seated man is smoking a large pipe. The two figures are in a barren room with no visible furnishings besides a table and chair.

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Corona I

A profile of a young woman with long hair looking to her right.

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Tilla Durieux

Waist-length portrait of the Austrian actress Tilla Durieux

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Das Prinzip (The Principle)

A head with a red mouth on top of a box.

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Klavier und Flöten (Piano and Flutes)

Two flutists reading sheet music from a music stand standing next to a pianist.

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Circus Folk

An abstracted view of a circus performance including people on horseback and a clown.

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The booklet cover shows two emaciated, nude, and abstracted skeletal figures. The figure at left is wearing a Pope’s mitre and holding a pistol in his right hand. The central figure is standing with his arms spread out and facing down, staring at the viewer. Both figures stand behind a brick wall with two holes cut out of it. One hole shows another skeletal face in it with the figure’s hands up by his face. There are various objects in the scene as well, such as a rose, a goblet, flowers, and trees. The inside page is the introduction page, the following leaf is a limited edition colour abstract print with 82/150 inscribed on it and the back page appears to list a series of works and dates

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Two figures are depicted separately on two different coloured ground. On the left, a male figure is depicted in white and black on a yellow ground. On the right, a female figure is depicted in white on an orange ground. Both figures are highly abstracted.

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Gesegnetes Und Erfolgreiches (Blessed and Successful)

Folded booklet with artwork on inside facing page: abstract shapes in red, blue and green.

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Männerkopf (Man’s Head)

Head and shoulders portrait of a young man with an elongated face

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Alter Mann (Old Man)

John the Baptist’s head after decapitation by Salome.

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Oskar Kokoshka: Variationen Uber Ein Thema (Mit einem vorwort von Max Dvorak) (Oskar Kokoshka: Variations on a Theme)

Portfolio consists of a portfolio cover, introduction booklet, and ten prints. (1) The portfolio cover is black with a small rectangle in the upper centre portion which reads, ‘Oskar Kokoshka/ Variationen Über ein Thema;’ (2) The cover of the introduction booklet reads, ‘Oskar Kokoshka/ Variationen/ Über ein Thema/ mit einem vorwort/ von Max Dvořák/ 1921/ Verlag Richard Lányi, Wien/ und/ Verlag ed. Strache, Wien, Prag, Leipzig’; (3) A portrait of a seated woman with her hair up.; (4) Portrait of a seated woman with her fingers resting on her temple; (5) Portrait of a seated woman with her arms folded in her lap; (6) A portrait of a seated woman with her head resting in her right hand. Dated 1920; (7) A portrait of a seated woman facing right with her hands posed as if playing a piano. (8) A portrait of a seated woman resting her head in her right hand and looking off to her left. (9) A portrait of a woman scratching her temple with her left hand. Dated 1920; (10) A portrait of a woman leaning to her right and resting her head in her right hand; (11) A portrait of a woman with her head cocked and her hands folded loosely in her lap.

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Umsatzlieder aus dem Keller

Nude male and female figures possibly having intercourse at night on the beach. The moon and clouds are visible in the background.

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Fleurs Et Masques (Flowers and Masks)

Portfolio consists of portfolio book and sixteen silkscreens. The prints were originally in between the book leaves however they are now matted separately. (1) The portfolio book is tan and has ‘Gino Severini/ Fleurs Et Masques’ printed on the top, centre of the cover. Inside the book there are twelve pages. The first three pages are blank, followed by a title page which reads, ‘Fleurs et Masques.’ The following page reads, ‘Fleurs et Masques, Londres, Frederick Etchells & Hugh MacDonald, 192 Church Street, W.8, 1930.’ The next page reads, ‘Justification du Tirage, Il a ete tire de cet album 125 exemplaires sur papier Lafuma muerotes de 1 a 125, No. 21.’ The next page, the table of contents, reads, ‘Table des Matieres, 1. Prelude, 2. Polichinelle au Livre, 3. Les Pigeons et la Raisin, 4. Le Concert, 5. Nature-Morte qu Compas, 6. Serenade à la Lune, 7. Nature-Morte (Fleurs et Masque), 8. Les Amours d’Arlequin, 9. Enlevement d’Europe, 10. Arlequin au Repos, 11. Compotier et Colombe, 12. Maternite, 13. Nature-Morte au Pigeon, 14. Les Prouesses d’Arlequin 15. Paysage et Nature-Morte sur une Table 16. Epilogue.’ The following page reads, ‘Cet album a ete enlumine et termine, en Septembre, 1930 par le maitre J. Saude a Paris. Printed in England by the Pelican Press 2 Carmelite Street, E.C. 4 on paper made in France. The next four pages are blank; (2) ‘Prelude’: An abstract geometric form in pastel purple, blue, and pink with a bouquet of flowers on a black triangle in the centre. ‘Prelude’ is printed at the top of the print; (3) ‘Polichinelle au Livre (The Clown and the Book)’: An abstracted image of a seated clown reading a book, looking over to the acoustic guitar to his left; (4) ‘Les Pigeons et la Raisin (Pigeons and Grapes)’: A still-life of two pigeons perched on a table next to a bowl filled with grapes and pears; (5) ‘Le Concert (The Concert)’: A group of three musicians are seated on a large rock playing music. The woman, standing in the background, is playing a lute. The figure seated on the left is playing an acoustic guitar and the figure on the right is playing a clarinet type instrument; (6) ‘Nature-Morte qu Compas (Still-Life with Compass)’: An abstracted and flattened still-life with a lute, a vase of flowers, a protractor, and a drawing compass on a table. Below the still life is a landscape with some buildings surrounded by trees; (7) ‘Serenade à la Lune (Serenade to the Moon)’: Two clowns are playing music outside at night. The leftmost clown is seated and playing an acoustic guitar while the right clown is standing and playing a lute; (8) ‘Nature-Morte [Fleurs et Masque] (Still-Life [Flowers and Masks])’: A still-life on a table with masks, flowers, sheet music, a piccolo, a violin, and a ukulele; (9) ‘Les Amours d’Arlequin (Harlequin Romances)’: A clown holding a lute has his right arm around a woman’s waist. The woman is holding an acoustic guitar. A piece of sheet music is on the ground and cupid flies above the two figures with an arrow in his hand, ready to shoot; (10) ‘Enlevement d’Europe (Rape of Europa)’: A depiction of the Greek myth of Europa. Europa lays across Zeus in the form of a bull while three cupids fly around the two central figures; (11) ‘Arlequin au Repos (Resting Harlequin)’: An abstracted clown is holding an acoustic guitar by the neck in his right hand; (12) ‘Compotier et Colombe (Compotier and Dove)’: A still-life with a dove perched on the edge of a compotier which holds grapes and a pear. Surrounding the compotier is a book, a piece of paper, and a bunch of grapes; (13) ‘Maternite (Motherhood)’: A seated woman holds a small child up to her chest; (14) ‘Nature-Morte au Pigeon (Still-Life with Pigeon): An abstracted still-life with a pigeon, sheet music, grapes, and a violin; (15) ‘Les Prouesses d’Arlequin (The Prowess of Harlequin)’: Harlequin is trying to subdue a rearing horse that a scared or fainting woman is riding. A lute and sheet music lie on the ground beneath the horse; (16) ‘Paysage et Nature-Morte sur une Table (Landscape and Still-Life on a Table)’: A still-life of a lute, grapes, pears, apples, sheet music, a human head, and a compotier on a table in front of ancient temple ruins of Ionic columns supporting an architrave and frieze; (17) ‘Epilogue’: A woman holding flowers is standing behind a large round object in the background. A clown is seated in the foreground holding a gigantic drawing compass.

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The Raft of the Medusa (100 Mile House) 4

Tableau vivant, by high school students in 100 Mile House, BC and two tree planters, creating a replica of Théodore Géricault’s painting The Raft of the Medusa, 1818-1819, which depicted survivors from the sinking of the French ship Méduse in 1816. The figures are wearing ragged clothing.

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The Raft of the Medusa (100 Mile House) 7

Tableau vivant, by high school students in 100 Mile House, BC and two tree planters, creating a replica of Théodore Géricault’s painting The Raft of the Medusa, 1818-1819, which depicted survivors from the sinking of the French ship Méduse in 1816. The figures are wearing ragged clothing.

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Four humanoid figures crowded into the immediate foreground. Two of the figures hold up, or gesture toward, hovering masks removed from their faces, while the other two appear to be wearing masks. The figures are ambiguous.

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The Lion with Nude and Hunter

Two figures - female nude and a man on horseback - together with a lion converge on a large tree in a pastoral setting. The lion’s head and mane appears surrounded by a swirling funnel cloud.

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The Concert

Two young boys - one playing a harmonica and the other a banjo-like instrument - serenading a man and woman who are embracing each other.

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Mädchen auf rechten Arm gestützt (Girl Resting on Right Arm)

Head and shoulders portrait of Sonia Gramatté with her weight forward on her forearms

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Head and shoulders portrait, in profile, of Sonia Gramatté. She is shown from the side with her held angled backwards granting a beautiful line to the neck.

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Selbst unter Bäumen (Self-portrait Under Trees)

Self-portrait of the artist Walter Gramatté. Set against dark trees—largely denuded of leaves except for the very top of their elongated trunks—and an acidic yellow background, the angst of the sitter is made evident through the vivid slashes and dots of crimson lining his eyes, lips, and knuckles, contrasting against the deep passage of black that is his shirt.

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An electronic keyboard made from cardboard, the keys of which are bent

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Mme. Perron’s mobile home, Les Éboulements, Charlevoix

Interior of a mobile home. The sofa and armchair have a floral pattern and have various crocheted items on them: pillows, throws and headrests. The heavy, gold drapes are decorated with small pompoms in the same colour.

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Early Snow with Bob and Doug

SCTV characters Bob and Doug MacKenzie seated at a table drinking beer in a snowy landscape. Empty boxes are strewn around the table. Appearing to be intoxicated, the two men are unaware that they are being surrounded by wolves.

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