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Milk Drop into Cup of Milk (3)

A drop of milk falling into a cup of milk

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Fighting Finches

Two finches fighting

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Milk Drop Coronet

Drop of milk resembling a coronet. “A diadem, decorated with pearls above the rim, produced by a drop of milk falling on a plate covered with a thin layer of milk. In the land of splashes, surface tension fashions delicate shapes too ephemeral for any eye but that of the high-speed camera. This print is one of the classic photographs in the history of photography”. [description of the image by the artist himself]

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Bullet Through Bulb

Bullet going through a bulb and shattering it

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Antique Gun Firing

Antique gun being fired and producing smoke

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Paper Mill Worker

Man, naked to the waist, working in a paper mill

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Densmore Shute Bends the Shaft

American golfer, Densmore Shute teeing off

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[Ralph] Guldahl (Single Flash after Contact)

American golfer Ralph Guldahl hitting a golf ball

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Swirls & Eddies of a Squash Stroke

Man playing squash

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Bat Bends [Jim Dotson, baseball]

Jim Dotson, wearing shorts and athletic shoes, hitting a baseball with a bat

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Jackie [dog] Jumps a Bench

A dog jumping over a bench

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Charles Hare Serves

Charles Hare preparing to serve a tennis ball

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Two Fencers Multiflash

Two men fencing

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Begging Dog with Woman

Dog begging from a woman

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Swirls & Eddies of a Tennis Stroke

Tennis stroke

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Bob [Edgerton] Running

Multiple exposure of a man running

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Water Sprinkler at Night

Water sprinkler in motion at night

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Cowboy riding a bucking bronco

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Pete Desjardins Diving

A man, Pete Desjardin, diving

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Irish Woman Hitting Punching Bag

Woman hitting a punching bag

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Man Punching Bag

Man hitting a punching bag

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Various women tumbling

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Gussie Moran Serve M

American tennis player, Gussie Moran, serving

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Jenny Tuckey Forehand Multiflash

American tennis player Jenny Tuckey’s tennis forehand drive

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Moving Skip Rope: ST Special Ed. B & W

A woman skipping rope

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