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Man in Kayak

Med grey stone man; Whalebone Kayak; Stone float; Caribou antler paddle pegged to kayak

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Seal Lying Near Seal Hole

Whalebone seal, darker on right side; Dark blue-grey slate base; Seal Seal hole carved through base, in front of seal

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Two Narwhals Surfacing

Medium grey slate; Base covered with knife scratched narwhals

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Woman in Amautik

Dark grey slate, deeply cut linear design on parka front and back in double lines

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Standing Man

Man carved from dark grey slate with brown markings on front torso; Greenish brown slate on back

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Two Swimming Bears Attacking a Seal

Dark grey-green slate bear (larger of 2) with brown sides; Light greenish slate bear; Seal, medium green slate with brown marks on left side

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Mother Seal and Pup

Pup: light grey soapstone; Mother: dark grey-green slate with brown marks, white kidney shaped mark on back

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Howling Husky

Dog carved from dark grey-green slate with brown markings, tail is curved around to the left

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Heads of Two Bears

Heads of two bears and front paws; larger head on left. Stone is grey-green slate with brown markings on back, front and muzzles.

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Bird carved from light green slate with two dark grey lines running lengthwise over back

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Narwhal on Triangular Base

Extremely porous narwhal with rectangular bone inset on top, smaller inset above tusk; 4 ivory pegs

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Bear Climbing over Ice

Whalebone bear polished, ice left rough; Bear's eyes are black insets

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Bear Eating Seal on Ice Floe

Bear eating seal on ice floe; Yellowed whalebone with grey areas; Bear's eyes inset

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Man Pulling Walrus from Water

Man - grey striated stone; Walrus- grey stone; Base - grey - green stone with brown markings

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Man Waiting Over Seal Hole

Whalebone man very porous (weathered) on right front and side; Base is light brown on top

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Man with Fox

Whalebone man holding (ivory) fox; Man more porous on back side.

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Man Standing Behind Dog

Whalebone has scattered brown marks on left side of man; Eyes of dog and man pencilled in

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Crawling Hunter with Bow

Man carved from grey-green stone with large brown markings; White mark

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Standing Man

Man carved from whitish whalebone, inset eyes are bluish-black

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Standing Man with Harpoon

Light olive slate; Tip of nose yellow

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Running Dog

Light olive stone; Left front paw carved backwards

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Crouching Man with Knife

Greenish stone man with brown markings on back and sides; Antler knife

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Hunting Man Lying on Side

Whitish whale bone, drill hole for mouth; Black inset eyes

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Hunting Man on All Fours

Brownish yellow whalebone; Bottom right foot darker

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Dark grey-green stone; White marks on left side of head, left rear leg, and hindquarters

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