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Yellowed whalebone, smoother on left side; Black inset eyes

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Walking Bear

Whalebone less weathered on left side; Eyes and nostrils inset

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Bearded Man Cutting Meat with Knife

Yellowed unporous whalebone man; Antler Knife

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Eider Duck

Greyish stone; Large brown spot on left wing; Wings spread

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Light olive stone with brown markings on left side. X marked paw bottoms

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Man and Bear Legend

Light olive stone with brown markings; Man's hair knife scratched

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Small Animal

Grey-black stone

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Grey stone with brown ring on left side; Scratched feather details on body

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Son Leading Father to Die

Son leading father to die. Brownish whalebone; father carved from more weathered portion of whalebone.

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Father and Son

White porous whalebone; Father's back and son are greyer

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Tattooed Woman with Bowl and Ulu

Cream-grey whalebone; antler ulu; Tattoo lines on forehead and cheeks with black colouring

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Mother and Child

Mother is brownish whalebone; child is white, non-porous whalebone; Child pegged to mother's right leg; Mother's hair in square topknot; Black colouring

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Man Hauling Seal from Water

Light olive-grey stone man; Grey stone seal's head with brown markings

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Bearded Man Holding Hook and Float

Man-green slate front, brown mark over entire back; Light grey soapstone float; Antler hook

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Two Seals Intertwined

Beige whalebone; 2 ivory plugs in holes on underside; Black inset eyes

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Mother and Child

Brownish whalebone

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Drum Dancer

White unporous whalebone dancer; eyes and eyebrows darkened

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Man Bent Over Seal Hole

Grey-green slate man with brown markings; whalebone base; Ivory harpoon; Circle representing seal hole carved on base.

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Man Throwing Harpoon

Grey-green stone with brown markings; Brown rings around bottom of feet.

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Bird Eating Fish

Light olive slate bird and fish; Whalebone base

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Man Kneeling on One Knee

Brown whalebone; Saw cuts still visible; area between arms hollowed out with knife.

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Gun Harpoon over Seal Hole

Greyish whalebone; Stand and gun pegged together with caribou antler pegs.

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Mother and Baby Bird

Yellowed whalebone - green stain on front of base; Baby bird carved as part of base; Ivory peg in tail area of large bird; Black inset eyes

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Dog Listening

Greyish whalebone; pink mark on tip of nose; saw cut for mouth; nostrils cut in with knife; Black inset eyes

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Standing Bird

Black stone; Feathers scraped on with rasp

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