Bruno Canadien., Hustle & Bustle/Downriver House, 2016. Acrylic, graphite, coloured pencil, found images, flagging tape, satin ribbon, on panel. 274.3 x 243.8 cm. Collection of the artist.


INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE brings together 29 emerging-to-established Indigenous artists working in a variety of media who consider the political undercurrents of Canadian society. These artists focus on Indigenous intergenerational cultural knowledge within land based practices, gender, traditional aesthetics, language revitalization, interconnected kinships, identity, and material culture. Each of the artworks create active expressions of political insurgency and cultural resurgence to radically shift the Canadian paradigm through tufting, tattooing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, sound, beading, media, and performance. INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE is the WAG's largest exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art to date and includes 12 new commissions from artists across Canadian territories and nations.

Featuring work by:
Barry Ace • KC Adams • Joi T. Arcand • Dee Barsy • Scott Benesiinaabandan • Jordan Bennett • Heather Campbell • Bruno Canadien • Hannah Claus • Dana Claxton • Dayna Danger • Earthline Tattoo Collective • Bracken Hanuse Corlett • Tsema Igharas • Ursula Johnson • Casey Koyczan • Kenneth Lavallee • Duane Linklater • Tanya Lukin Linklater • Amy Malbeuf • Kent Monkman • Caroline Monnet • Tiffany Shaw-Collinge • Frank Shebageget • Amanda Strong • Joseph Tisiga • Couzyn van Heuvelen • Isabella Weetaluktuk • Linus Woods

Curated by Jaimie Isaac and Julie Nagam

Sponsored By

Dee Barsy. , My Four Grandmothers, 2017. Acrylic on gessoed birch panel. 91.4 x 62.6 cm. Collection of the artist.

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