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Teacher Workshops


Visual Literacy Workshops

Let our Art Educators help you develop your own professional development day at the WAG. Tours of current exhibitions will provide a context for explorations in Visual Literacy and can be paired with art making workshops for a full day art extravaganza. Email youth-programs@wag.ca for more information.

Curriculum Support all year long!

Do you have an arts based class project you need help with? Email us at youth-programs@wag.ca and we will help you develop a tour and workshop specific to your class’s needs.

Upcoming Teacher PD Days at the WAG in 2016-17

Join us at the WAG this coming school year. Make art, look at art, and let us help you develop ways to infuse art into your classroom. Email youth-programs@wag.ca to register.

Art Museums 101
How can art museums support learning in the classroom? Sign up for this interactive PD and learn how interactive engagements with art can bring your curriculum to life!
Date: Thursday, April 13, 2017, 1-3:30pm
Cost: $50

Digital Teachers' Resources

Visit this site regularly for access to a wealth of resources designed to meet Manitoba curriculum learning outcomes. Coming soon NEW pre-visit guides and digital classroom activities.

Classroom Resources from Previous Exhibitions

Engage in art experiences based on our past exhibitions. These in class activities not only address curricular outcomes but offer the opportunity to build creativity and imagination.

Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin

Use these great visuals to introduce your students to the Ancient World.

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece and Rome • PDF

Gods and Goddesses Family Tree • PDF

Greek and Roman VocabularyPDF

Greek and Roman Maps • PDF

Greek and Roman History Timeline • PDF

Try out these engaging lessons in your classroom and transport your students into the ancient Greco-Roman world. Each lesson begins with an activation activity designed to share what your students already know. Creative research activities help students to acquire new perspectives that can then be used to inspire and ignite unique art projects.

Geometric Gems (K-Gr. 4) • PDF

Pompeii Plaster Painting (Gr. 5-8) • PDF

A Shrine in Time (Gr. 9-12) • PDF


Salvador Dali and the Beaverbrook Collection: Story Starter Kits

Art is a great story starter! Check out our free Beaverbrook Story Starter teacher kits featuring works from this world-class exhibition. Download a digital kit from the links below. Inspire your students with a fascinating selection of masterworks and lesson plans that encourage inquiry and stimulate creative thinking through conversation, sketching, and writing. Each kit serves as a flexible teaching tool that can be used in a variety of ways to fit your classroom schedule and teaching style. Enjoy our Beaverbrook Story Starter kits in the classroom and then bring your students to the exhibition to see this impressive art collection in person!

Early Years • Thomas Webster, A Slide: booklet & artwork image

Middle Years • Salvador Dalí, Equestrian Fantasy: Lady Dunn: booklet & artwork image

Senior Years • George Chambers, The Crew of HMS "Terror" Saving the Boats and
Provisions on the Night of 15th March (1837)
: booklet & artwork image


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