Day Nineteen: Final Thoughts

Authored by: WAG Staff on April 26, 2013

My last day at the WAG has arrived, is being uncrated and will soon be on display. These three weeks have flown by, but not without leaving an impression.

1) 100 Masters will blow your socks off

I had the sneakiest of peeks this morning (actually I was filming) in gallery five, where a number of pieces are already up. The individual works take your breath away. The whole exhibition together will be stunning.

(Shout out to the prep team doing the install. Babies are not handled as well as the artworks in 100 Masters)

2) The WAG itself is a work of art

There are actually 111 artworks in 100 Masters: the 100 on loan, 10 from the WAG's permanent collection and this crazy triangle of a building. On my final day, I've finally figured out the lay of the land inside this prism. That's the way it goes.

3) The WAG team believe in the cause.
The phrase repeated by a few of the staff here is "You're seeing us at our best and our worst." Their worst because everyone is frazzled mounting this massive exhibition. Their best because the whole WAG team is pulling together to get it done. Departments that don't usually communicate are learning to dance together to bring art to Winnipeg. Delicious.

Now off into the world. It was nice meeting you!

by Matthew TenBruggencate

Matthew TenBruggencate is an actor, director, freelance writer and Creative Communications student who is interning at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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