School Tours During 100 Masters

Authored by: Nicole Fletcher on July 3, 2013

Tour guide, Laurie introducing a school group to the WAG.

As you know, 100 Masters has been a very popular and successful exhibition so far. About 17,000 people have visited the exhibition and it will still be up for another month and a half! However, I work in the Education department and the numbers that I have really noticed have been with our school tours. Our most recent exhibition, Creation & Transformation was very popular for school groups as well. We had about 2,500 students come to see the show and we were giving 2 to 3 school tours every day. I thought we were busy then but that was nothing compared to 100 Masters!

Teachers were very excited to bring their classes to the WAG and we were completely booked for school tours by the time the exhibition opened. We had about 4,000 students come to see 100 Masters in the seven weeks it was open at the end of the school year. We were hosting over 100 students a day with up to five tours per day! I'm so thankful for the fantastic team of tour guides we have in Youth Programs whose seemingly endless enthusiasm and energy made  offering these programs possible. And to all of the teachers who considered 100 Masters an imporant event in Winnipeg and decided to bring their students to the WAG.

Has anything surprised you about 100 Masters so far?  What are your thoughts on this groundbreaking exhibition? Please leave your comments below.


Nicole Fletcher works in the Education and Communications departments at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and is in the Joint Masters Program at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg.

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