Sarah’s Summer Scope: Kids Fringe with the WAG

Authored by: Sarah Paradis on August 31, 2010

July is the best month to check out what Winnipeg has to offer because this is when our most renowned festivals happen. It all begins with the Jazz Festival that kicks off the summer leading us into the Folk Festival only to be topped off with a decent dose of the Fringe Festival. This tidal wave of entertainment begins to calm down mid August after the Folklorama.

During the Fringe Festival hundreds of kids came down to the Kids Fringe area and made a stop at the Puppet Factory where they had a wide variety of materials to choose from ranging from plastic cups to styrofoam balls. These supplies were disappearing faster then they could be replenished but nevertheless the kids were content with grabbing whatever they could reach.

Not only could they take home their puppets, but they could also do a performance with their puppet for their friends and family. Rain or shine the smiles were always happening at the WAG Puppet Factory. Thanks to all the Fringe volunteers who helped clean and set up with us, it was a great experience and the WAG is looking forward to working with the Fringe again next year. Until then, may the Fringe be with you!

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