But Does it Glow in the Dark?

Authored by: Heather Mousseau on April 15, 2011

See the beautiful green and yellow colours in this tumbler? That's because radioactive uranium salts were used in mid-Victorian glassware. They were also used in jewelry and ladies loved the brillance of their gems in the candlelight across the dinner table or at fancy balls. In fact, lead, mercury, and other poisonous elements were used all over the place in art, clothing, and housewares, simply because no one was aware of the danger. Yes, the tumbler is safe to look at, you won't leave the WAG glowing in the dark! The amount of radioactivity is about equivalent to six sugar cubes in the Pan-Am pool.

Leif Norman was photographing some WAG artwork last summer when he made this fascinating discovery.Check out his video about our little gem's adventures.

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