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Authored by: WAG Staff on February 5, 2012

Julie and Raymond by Joan Hibbert, 1988

The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada's oldest civic art gallery, is celebrating it's 100th anniversary from Sept 2012 to Aug 2013. So many people have passed through our doors, but today we are looking for two in particular, Julie and Raymond, models in a Studio Programs class over twenty years ago …

“In the Spring of 1988 Geraldine Homenchuk taught a portraiture course at the WAG. I was one of her students and you, JULIE and RAYMOND, modeled for us. Recently while looking through old things, I found these drawings and want you to have them. My hope is that you, or someone you know, will recognize the younger you, and get in touch with the WAG, so the portraits can be yours.” - Joan Hibbert

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