WAG 100 podcasts in production

Authored by: Leif Norman on May 29, 2012

Jan 6 1968. The WAG that was never built

Podcasts! Radio on your computer or iPod thingy ready to play at any time. To celebrate 100 years of Canada's oldest public art institution we are going to tell the entire history of the WAG and collect great stories from people along the way.

Let's break it down;

The podcasts will be about 10-15 minutes long.

There wil be about 12 of them, released once a month, starting in September 2012. 

They will be available on iTunes and other podcast delivery sites.

They will have some photos and video to augment the audio content, viewable on this blog and other onine locations.

Music from Manitoba artists will be featured to add flavour and atmosphere to the sound. (It was found to be too much of a legal headache, and money headache to buy licensing for a Radiohead or AC/ DC song for use in the podcast. So we are going to deal face to face with local sound makers and support the locals, no matter how much we want to use "For Those About to Rock" in the podcast about Inuit Soapstone carvings. Ha!)

Some of the topics covered will be; Kids and Art, the Volunteer Association (once called the Women's Commitee), the building at 300 Memorial built in 1969, the beginnings of the WAG in 1912, the Inuit Collection, and more...

We are looking through old boxes of newspaper clippings, trying to get in contact with old architects who proposed interesting designs for the WAG that never got built, going to the limestone quarry where the stone was cut, and interviewing people in the street. 

So there is lots to look forward to for this WAG 100th year!

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