Day Two: Interning with the Masters

Authored by: WAG Staff on April 9, 2013


My first impressions of working at the WAG can be summed up as controlled chaos. Controlled because the staffers here are some of the best in their fields (whether that’s curation, security, communications or education) and chaos because, well, it’s chaotic.

100 Masters: Only in Canada opens in 32 days and even the new intern can tell it’s a monster of a show to mount. One hundred masterpieces, some stretching back to the 16th century are on their way to the heart of the continent. Picasso. Renoir. Monet. My guy Rembrandt (If you aren’t Dutch…). Warhol. Tom Thomson. The jaw-dropping list goes on and on.

Every department is being pushed to their limits to give these amazing artworks the show they deserve. Everyone is putting in overtime. EVERYTHING is up for discussion. (I just sat through a staff meeting that included a ten-minute discussion about bathroom access, so don’t worry my faint-bladdered friends, the WAG has you covered.)

I’m already finding myself inspired. Not by the paintings or sculptures; they’re still hiding in their crates. But by the staff who are wading through this controlled chaos.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

by Matthew TenBruggencate

Matthew TenBruggencate is an actor, director, freelance writer and Creative Communications student who is interning at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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