Into the Light with Riva Symko

Riva Symko, Head of Collections & Exhibitions and Curator of Canadian Art at the WAG tells us about the exhibition, Into the Light: LL FitzGerald, specifically delving into FitzGerald’s linocut works.

In this WAG@Home video, Riva Symko and her husband demonstrate how to make a linocut print like LL FiztGerald!


7 responses to “Into the Light with Riva Symko”

  1. Oliver Botar says:

    Congralations to Riva Symko on her new position, and on posting these great videos!

  2. Linda Connor says:

    I am not an artist, but I really appreciated the intersectionality of the history of buildings and artists in our community and the informative video on how art is created!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Riva,

    Nice to view this prior to seeing the actual exhibition – much appreciated! And welcome to our fair city.

    I wonder if the building with the cupola is actually the old jailhouse building fund at the corner of York Ave and Memorial Blvd downtown. Check out 444 York Ave on Google maps … it may even be the rooftop that you had identified to be the old Faculty of Med at the U of M?

  4. Lisa says:

    … and John’s piece is the WAG, of course!

  5. Michael Parke-Taylor says:

    Thanks for these videos which shed light on FitzGerald’s linocuts which are wonderful and often overlooked. Really enjoyed the linocut demonstration which was a delightful bonus!

  6. Dennis D says:

    Hi Riva

    Within walking distance of my place in St James is Fitzgerald’s childhood home – where he started painting. There is a backland dedicated to him and you can see the source all around you of some of his earlier works. There are heritage plaques at these places, and I’m sure you’d really like to visit them!!

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